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What We Do  

We are a nonprofit, charitable mental health foundation. We provide grants to fund projects and programs that offer hope for those who are diagnosed with schizo-affective and bipolar disorders.  In addition, we provide vital mental health information and disseminate it. We conduct research, seek information from mental health experts and consult with other related organizations and agencies. We scan and read scholarly and professional articles relating to the latest findings on schizo-affective and bipolar disorders. We attend and participate in conferences, dicussions and forums relating to mental health.

We share our findings/knowledge with others in need of the latest information on best practices in mental health care to help those interested make informed decisions in the proper and safe treatment of those diagnosed as having schizo-affective and bipolar disorders. We attempt to retrieve the latest useful information, condense it, and provide it to those in need. We disseminate information in several ways such as:

  • Writing & publishing articles
  • Using social media
  • Issuing news letters
  • Speaking at conferences, seminars, and conventions
  • Addressing peer treatment group sessions
  • Providing and informative and interactive website

In addition, we are active in public policy advocacy.  We believe it is our obligation to assist policymakers to ensure the health and safety on best practices that protect the health and safety of those stigmatized as being mentally ill.  Our advocacy mainly includes public education, capacity building, forming networks and leadership development..